Family Portraits- is there a 'best time'?

It seems to have been the season of family portrait updates! It always amazing me how my work comes in clusters of either corporate, wedding, interiors or portraits. But this passed month or two it's been all about family shots. It may be due to the fact I photographed many of them a few years ago, and they change so quickly that one morning they appear in skin tight pyjamas, a mouth full of braces and and a few pimples and we think....'oh baby has gone and I need to capture this new creature living in our house.' Teenage portraits are a whole lot harder than toddler portraits too, just getting them there is challenge and as for cracking a smile...well?!

There is no perfect time, you can wait till braces are off, bruises have gone, or the bad haircut grows out....but really why wait? It is what it is and we should capture all things whether good, bad or ugly. It's a moment in time you don't want to stop waiting.

PS...Photoshop will cure all bad acne!